Magdalena Alexander

Magdalena Alexander“I am thrilled to take part in the multi-national staging of George F. Walker’s Theatre of the Film Noir, in association with ATLAS Stage Canada. Particularly exciting is the opportunity to collaborate with director Mirek Polatynski, whose vast experience in the European and North American film, television and theatre communities she holds in high regard”.

Having graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NY) and later the University of Toronto, Magdalena has caught the attention of such Hollywood establishment as Ron Howard, who cast her in Cinderella Man; Todd Holland, the 3-time Emmy award winning director of beloved TV classics The Larry Sanders show and Malcolm in the Middle, whom she’s now worked with twice, in his short-lived, but highly-acclaimed series Wonderfalls and the children’s hit Firehouse Dog; as well as Oscar nominated actor, David Strathairn, who continues to champion her work. Selected stage credits include the 2007 Toronto International Fringe Festival hit Talk Thirty To Me, Marivaux’s La Dispute, Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part I, Overmeyer’s Dark Rapture, Chekhov’s Three Sisters, Feydeau’s Cat Among the Pigeons. Further screen credits include This Is Wonderland, The Red Green Show, Kojak, Haven.


“…Magdalena Alexander…give[s an] excellent performance[s].”
– Smith, The Hamilton Spectator, on MA’s performance in Talk Thirty To Me (Aug 14, 2007)

“… a brilliant Toronto actress… I loved her from the minute I saw her.”
– Todd Holland, director, Firehouse Dog, Malcolm in the Middle, Wonderfalls…

“…She was such a find… We had so many great actresses come in for this role in New York, and in LA, and Vancouver and we found such a gem right there in Toronto.”
– Bryan Fuller, producer, Dead Like Me, Heroes, on casting MA in his series Wonderfalls

“Magdalena (…) has a regal bearing and elegant presence…”
– Amy Rodgers, fringe nyc propaganda

“Magdalena is blessed with beauty and charisma – you notice her the moment she quietly enters a room. She is a classic leading lady with a smoldering sexuality and wonderful humor.”
– Kent Paul, director & producer, Nebraska Rep, Sanford Meisner – The Theater’s Best Kept Secret

“(MA) is intelligent, attractive, and, as a performer, gifted with a subtle expressiveness that conveys emotions and thoughts with a rare delicate intensity.”
– Alan Taylor, director, Palookaville, Traders, Homicide, The Sopranos…

“Magdalena’s sense of place, her balances within an ensemble (…), her instincts as to when the voice of her character need seize the moment, and the distillation of the character’s most salient qualities, shone out… she truly distinguished herself among quite a diverse and competent bunch.”
– David Strathairn, actor, commenting on MAs work in Kindertransport & The Three Sisters

“(Magdalena is) able to go right to the heart of the role and play it with sensitivity and imagination.”
– Harryetta Peterka, director of instruction, American Academy of Dramatic Arts.